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Cadifra UML Editor

Cadifra UML Editor - The Fast UML Tool for Windows. $30 Dollars
Unlimited undo and redo. Every action that modifies your UML diagram in any way can be undone - always, perfectly, and without exceptions.

Embed UML diagrams in other documents (like Microsoft Word documents). Cadifra UML Editor stores the UML diagram inside the other application's document. Double-clicking the UML diagram opens Cadifra UML Editor for easy editing.

Export your graphics in Windows Enhanced Metafile format (or in Windows Metafile format).

Full drag and drop support. Hold down the ctrl key to create a copy while dragging (copy-moving). Drag a selection into your word processor, onto the desktop or into another UML diagram.

Very easy editing of all texts. Just double click on any text to edit it. No nagging pop-up boxes.

Intelligent handling of connectors (but not too "intelligent"...). If you move for example a class, all attached associations will be adjusted as needed. But you still keep control of everything. You can always position any segment of a connector exactly where you want it. Cadifra UML Editor supports drawing of tree-like connectors of any complexity.

High precision graphics: lines and arrows end exactly on boxes. No need to resort to a generic drawing tool without first-hand built-in UML knowledge. Perfect looking UML diagrams are a must to "sell" your ideas. It just doesn't look professional if you show printouts with arrow heads piercing boxes to a skeptic customer, colleague or manager.

Use the style editor to define fonts of texts of families of UML elements. The style editor uses an inheritance model. You can set the default font of the whole UML diagram and set an overriding font for a specific kind of UML element. Changes are applied to all existing elements in the diagram.

Cadifra UML Editor diagrams are stored as human-readable XML files. (Schema is fully documented). We add newlines in a predictable way, so that the structure is easily understandable. This also helps storing Cadifra UML Editor diagrams in a version control system. You may add UML diagram files to your SCM system like any of your source files. Small edits of an UML diagram will result in only small changes of the XML file content (for example, id's of objects are not renumbered needlessly).

Cadifra UML Editor is very fast and lean, easy and intuitive to use. You will spend less time capturing your ideas compared to a fat UML tool or a "dumb" drawing tool. Save your time for thinking. Some people use "just paper and pencil" or a whiteboard. The problem with the paper and pencil way is: how fast can you change such an UML diagram? Sometimes, refactoring an UML diagram over and over again is important. If it takes too long, you won't do it. Cadifra UML Editor was designed for changing diagrams. Agile UML diagramming!

Adrian & Frank Buehlmann
Delfterstrasse 28
5004 Aarau

email info@cadifra.com
fax +41 62 823 7016
phone +41 62 823 7015



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